Jogging for lazy bones

Tell me, do you start your morning with a cup of coffee and a cigarette? Or do you jog? Most of you think that the first variant is not so stressing for the organism, but they are wrong. You should think thoroughly and choose jogging, I bet! If you decide to refuse from ruining your organism, here is a couple of advice connected with jogging for former lazy bones.

1). First of all buy the sketchers exactly for running. It’s logical to start with the equipment and it’s necessary to choose it thoroughly!

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Music: Healing or Destructing?

Why while listening to one kind of music you start feeling a head-splitting headache and to another one you feel relaxed and comfortable? It is widely known that musical therapy is the fastest and the most economical way to get rid of a number of various illnesses. A pleasant melody has a good impact on the systems of breath, nerves and even the digestive system of the organism. The favorite tune causes the increase of the number of white blood cells in the vessels and that way protects the body from the infections. While listening to it the process of the metabolism is boosted and the nerves transmit the impulses from the brain more rapidly which makes us forget about the bad mood, reach a better concentration and reduce anxiety. This therapy helps to reveal and develop the creativeness and even provides healing effect.

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