Famous Writers’ Weird Habits And Addictions

Writers, the spoiled children of good fortune! They get away with anything: startling behavior, shocking confessions, weird habits and tainted addictions. Nevertheless, the loving audience forgives them their misbehavior. Talented person has a condemnation when it comes to addictions. So, let’s check the weirdest ones among the famous writers of the past.

  1. Honore De Balzac And Coffee


Coffee addiction doesn’t surprise anyone nowadays. Many people drink tons of coffee daily and start having cravings if didn’t get their doze in the morning. But our regular 2-3 cups of espresso have nothing to do with Balzac’s addiction. Just imagine: he could drink up to 50 (!) cups a day! No milk, no sugar. Besides, he used to eat coffee grains – he claimed that it helps him to stay awake for longer time and feel brisk and fresh. Needless to say, such coffee addiction had an impact on the writer’s health. Thus, he used to suffer from intestinal colic, high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. People say that his early and timeless death is the result of caffeine intoxication.

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