Shopping and Music

Miniature shopping trolley
Music is able to change our mood and feelings. Music is able to make you feel sad or on the opposite bring you the flush of energy. That is why it is not a secret anymore that all the music we hear in the shops or cafes isn’t chosen by occasion. The experiences marketing specialists choose the right soundtrack for their clients in order to increase the sales and create the required atmosphere.
You may be surprised but people have started using music for changing the customer’s behavior and mood since the previous century. In the beginning of the 20th century the talented American engineer D. Sclaur offered to use relaxing music in order to make the people feel safe in elevator.

Today the number of places which require regulating of people’s mood has only increased. Nowadays there exist a lot of recording companies that specialize on editing music for restaurants, cafes and shopping malls.
The largest part of shop owners is afraid to scare the potential customers off. That is why you may often hear some neutral sounds like the the sounds of nature or classic hits like Beatles. Such choice is somewhat dull, however.
It is a well-known fact that about 95% of all the goods supplied are purchased spontaneously. Emotions play the most important role here. Even if a customer supposes he or she is making a logical decision that is far from being truth. People are impulsive and irrational since they are guided by their current mood. The bright wrap, pleasant smell and right sounds may make us change our decision easily.
However the things are not that simple as they may seem at the first sight. Each shop has its separate target audience. That defines the choice of music. That is why some neutral music or relaxing sounds of nature may have the opposite effect in some shops.
To choose the right music for your shop you need to analyze the customers flow. Think which categories of clients visit your shop during the day. For instance you may easily trace that in the morning your shop is visited mostly by the senior citizens, during the day middle-aged women with children peep in and in the evening salary men hurry up to do their shopping. That is why you may choose some jazz or retro melodies for the first category of clients, pop motives for the second one and play alternative rock in the evening to speed up the tired office workers.
Clothes style often coincides with the musical preferences. The young people often wear and listen to one and the same stuff. Haute couture boutiques may use the soundtracks from catwalks, casual or informal clothes may be sold well to light rock, bridals should be accompanied with some romantic or solemn compositions.


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