Hatsune Miku: The First Sound of The Future

It is a wide-known fact that the popular singers and performers are usually the extraordinary people. But in Japan the most famous performer is not a human being at all. Hatsune Miku is the ascending starlet which starts gaining fame and acknowledgment in other countries as well. Hatsune Miku is the first performing Vocaloid. Her appearance is displayed by a holographic image. The name of this artificial singer means “the first sound of the future”. Hatsune travels around the world giving numerous performances which attract many spectators.

Hatsune Miku was created in 2007 and immediately gained overwhelming popularity in Japan. She performs in various keys, including J-pop and J-rock.

The parents of the artificial star are the holographic stand Crypton Future Media and Yamaha software Vocaloid. This application has been developed to imitate the human voice singing based on the preset tune and lyrics. This program consists of the two parts: the system of voice synthesizing and the artist library. The voice of the performer is divided into small tracks and stored in the data base. After that process is completed the user enters the lyrics of the chosen composition, the notes and sets the beat. Vocaloid will compile the required composition from the small tracks with the voice of the user.

Such unusual nature of the famous pop star hasn’t prevented Hatsune Miku from gaining popularity among lots of her fans who really love her singing. That became possible thankful to the hard work of the specialists, who perfected her songs and chiseled her performances.

There is also a group of qualified specialists who stage-manage Miku’s concerts working out every her movement. The choreographic aspects of Hatsune Miku’s concerts is also honed by both choreographers and software experts to perfection.

The image of Hatsune Miku seems to be alive during the performances but the detail shots still show slight effect of pixelation.

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