My Favorite Storyteller

Some authors seem not to write books but sit beside you in the evening under an obscure light of the lamp and read their stories to you. I have exactly this very kind of impression when I open any book of Neil Gaiman, the best teller of amazing fairy-tales full of black humor and dark adventures.

My first acquaintance with Gaiman took place when I went to the theater to watch “Caroline” – a performance telling about a girl who traveled to a parallel reality where all people had buttons instead of eyes. I was captivated by the strangely dark plot and the atmosphere of absurd which ruled the performance. Later I discovered with amusement that the performance was base on the book of Neil Gaiman, an English writer of comic books, novels and short stories and a famous screen-writer as well.

“Neverwhere” became the first novel of this author which I’ve read and I got lost in the world of Gaiman’s books completely. “Neverwhere” tells us about the adventures of some average man Richard Mayhew who found himself in some underground reality of London dungeons and had to save both his life and the life of his new acquaintance, a girl named Door as their were haunted by blood-freezing terrific murderers, Vandemar and Croup. Beasts, parallel reality magic might have turned this story into a fairy-tale if it was nit for some terrible details of murders and dark moments connecting the book with the world of reality.

Images, created by Gaiman require rich imagination from you to visualize them. However, his comic series provides you with a ready set of pictures illustrating his stories. My favorite comic series is “The Sandman” which is about the adventures of the Lord of Dreams in the world of people. His character is in a constant development as he has to change if he wants to survive and recreate the ruined kingdom of dreams. The story is as dark as all Gaiman’s works and sometimes it even resembles a horror book.

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