Brooke Shaden Photography.

Brooke Shaden is an American photographer who currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Shaden creates surreal images full of mystery and mystique using painterly techniques. Sometimes it seems like she depicts fairy tale beings who grew up but they still live in a fairy tale. Disappointed and frustrated, overwhelmed and fascinated. They live according to their own rules which we can hardly understand.

The series Frozen in Water depicts “beauty in darkness”. It seems like there is nothing special about this series. But it is simply beautiful and captivating. It is about our fears and feelings, about our hidden desires and unspoken emotions.

Shaden doesn’t simply take photos. Every single picture by Shaden is a story. So her images even called cinematic. Mostly her pictures remind dreams and sometimes even nightmares. She is inspired by her own fears and ambiguous feelings. She creates new reality, unknown and weird. Shaden has labeled her art photography as dark art. She sees her works as canvases. By the way Shaden is self-taught photographer and Photoshop user. Nevertheless she hosts her workshops at the age of 25 years old.

Shaden has very special attitude to photography. “What I love about photography is the way that I can start thinking about what inspires me, what make me feel most passionate about life, and how I can put that into more tangible form. All I need is my imagination and I can create what I see in my mind’s eye. I truly believe that I can create whatever I can imagine”, says Shaden.

She takes self portraits as well. But these pictures are not autobiographical. She never shows her face while taking self portraits. She simply plays a role. “I keep myself largely without identity, and as a result can easily see anyone in the photograph instead of seeing myself”.

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