Multi-Language Life

Knowing different languages gives you freedom to travel and feel at home in any part of the world. However, some people consider it difficult to learn one extra language and claim that they have no talent of polyglot. If you belong to this group, may be, the example of Cato Lomb and her rules of becoming a polyglot will inspire you to change your mind.

Kato Lomb, born in 1909, was A Hungarian translator, interpreter and nearly the first simultaneous interpreter in the world. She has received the education in chemistry but managed to learn sixteen languages as well. Being a polyglot is a particular lifestyle which requires from you considerable effort, strong motivation and following the rules established in Kato Lomb’s bestseller “This Is How I Learn Languages”.

According to Kato’s method, it is necessary to learn language every day. It is like keeping fit – if you want to have strong muscles you should do exercises regularly. Devote at least 10-15 minutes per day to learn or repeat phrases.

If your desire to learn language declines too fast, develop your own algorithm of studying. Like, for instance, some studying, then some time for listening to music and then a break for a walk.

Mentally translate everything that catches your eye – advertisement, titles of newspaper articles, fragments from songs and so on. It is simple and effective.

The isolated learning of any language is of no use. Watch movies, read literature and newspapers in the original, communicate with your foreign friends in the Internet. Kato Lomb, for instance, began studying Russian with reading “Dead Souls” by Gogol in the original.

Use the memorized phrases and idioms from the first person – personification helps to remember some word combination easier.

Finally, you should believe that you will be able to learn as many languages as you want – positive attitude is essential for multi-language lifestyle.

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