His Dark Materials

For our children we will always look for the best. The best kindergartens, schools, friends and of course books.

The number of authors writing for kids is numerous, but I really have heard a lot about Philip Pullman (the British writer) and His Dark Materials trilogy. He has been called the bestselling author for several times and I decided to get acquainted with his writing.

All I can say is that His Dark Materials series is really the best for children. Some people say that the books are too scary for children and contain a lot of details that should not be known by kids, but that is not true. Northern Lights, Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass have everything a child needs in books. There is a lot of magic, adventures and a happy end. All in all the books were interesting to read even for me. Besides, in 2007 the trilogy was called the best book for children for the last 70 years.

The girl named Lira Belaqua lives in the world where magic neighbors theology and science. She is an orphan and the only relative she has is Lord Asriel – the polar explorer. One day children start to disappear in the country where Lira lives and she finds herself in the tribe of gypsies who travel to the North in search of the kidnapped children. There she meets Serafina Pekkala – the witch, the armored bear named Mr. Iorek Byrnison and the astronaut Lee Scoresby with whom she starts a very dangerous adventure.

Then, Lord Asriel finds the way to travel between the parallel worlds and leaves for another world. Lira goes after him and together with Will Parry – the boy whom she meets in the parallel world, they find a magic knife which can cut windows between the worlds.

Lora goes through many adventures and dangers, but exactly these adventures make the book so interesting and absorbing.

I really advice His Dark Materials for all kids and their parents. I’m sure you will not regret this choice!

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