Jogging for lazy bones

Tell me, do you start your morning with a cup of coffee and a cigarette? Or do you jog? Most of you think that the first variant is not so stressing for the organism, but they are wrong. You should think thoroughly and choose jogging, I bet! If you decide to refuse from ruining your organism, here is a couple of advice connected with jogging for former lazy bones.

1). First of all buy the sketchers exactly for running. It’s logical to start with the equipment and it’s necessary to choose it thoroughly!

2). Before you start training, don’t be lazy to warm up your muscles. Pay more attention to the ligaments in order to avoid traumas.

3). If you suffer from having little time for jogging, start doing it at one of the week-ends when you have more time and don’t need to be in a hurry.

4). Don’t be too harsh in your training. Everything should be done step by step. Start with fast walking first and then transform your walking into running. Not at once. This will also help you avoid being exhausted and injured.

5). If you feel that every day jogging is too much for you, you are welcome to make a break for several days. Then start again.

6). Ask one of your friends to jog with you. The responsibility towards your friend will never let you give up this sports.

7). When you are jogging, you can listen to your favorite music in your player. It gives you additional energy and good mood.

8). If you don’t wanna jog due to bad weather conditions, you can always go to the gym and attack the treadmill. It will be also very helpful and you have no need to run in the rain or snow.

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