Cats after neutering surgery.

Some people think that neutering surgery is needed for their pets. So if you have decided then you should realize that your cat would need special care after surgery. For the first time after surgery you should look after your cat carefully. It may seem that his behavior is pretty strange. Do not surprise. Sometimes cats even move backwards. Well, don’t be frightened by it. It is absolutely fine.

You should realize that recovery takes some time. Your cat should feel comfortable after having surgery. So your kids shouldn’t bother him too much. It is very important. Let your cat feel calm and relaxed as the surgery is quite stressful for him. So try to explain your kids that they shouldn’t disturb your cat and shouldn’t play with him at least two weeks.

If your cat got used to walk outside then for the first several weeks you should keep him at home. Otherwise he would have some problems. He can be even infected.

Do not feed your cat at least for 9 hours after the surgery. You may offer some water to him. Later you may offer your cat only small amount of food.

It can be difficult but you should keep your cat less active. Some cats are playful and too active. But you should do your best. Too much activity may also cause some serious problems.

Quite often veterinarians put cones around cats’ necks. It is pretty uncomfortable for them to wear. But it is needed. Usually cats annoyed and disoriented by them. At the same time it is needed to prevent cats licking incision site.

If your cat is vomiting too much then you should contact the veterinarian as it s abnormal situation.

And please follow all the recommendations and instructions the veterinarian gives to you. Sometimes people neglect some aspects of special care and it causes serious problems.

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