Artists of the Urbane Culture

The urbanization of life has influenced not only social changes but the changes in the sphere of art as well. Living in concrete jungle has made people want to decorate this grey world by using all possible means. The street art has become so popular recently, because it helps citizens to see that something beautiful can be found even in the grey mess of big cities. Street art is completely available, and everyone can become a street artist if he possesses some imagination. However, some people became really famous in the world of street art as there works received world wide recognition.

It is hard to make a list of the most famous street artists as street art can be performed in different variations all of which deserve public attention. But some of them are the creators of such outstanding ideas that they are bound to be mentioned here. One of the most famous street artists is Mark Jenkins who is known for his sculptures and figures made of packing tape. He placed these figures in unexpected places and recorded the reaction of the audience with the help of hidden camera. For example, one of his works presents a man diving in a fountain in a way that only his legs emerge. Another packing tape figure swims on the surface of a river with a bunch of balloons joined to its back.

Banksy is another artist which has deserved world wide fame through his works of street art. He works mainly in graffiti and stencilling genre and creates the satirical images of different realities of the modern world. His satire allows the audience to think of the problems we sometimes do not want to face, or provides a different view on some popular issues. Banksy is the author of the Simpsons graffiti which shows a boy writing on the blackboard “I must not copy what I see on the Simpsons”. Banksy has also decorated the concrete wall surrounding the occupied Palestinian lands with his works such as Girl and a Soldier, where a girl searches the soldier, or Dove, which depicts a bird with target on its chest. Dove is a kind of memorial in honor of those who were killed at that spot. Banksy is the voice of truth and justice who wants to protect ultimate values and shares his opinion in a most effective form – through the art which is available to everybody as the canvas for his works is the street.

Another popular street artist came from Madrid and is known under the nickname SpY. In his art SpY uses different urbane elements and makes them look funny by placing them in unexpected places. For example, one of his works is a flower pot placed in a basketball ring. He also decorates street monuments in an unusual manner. SpY is responsible for putting a robber mask on the statue of a woman, or diving mask or gas mask on the statues of pedestrians which made them look far more interesting.

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