Landscape Photography – Take Your Best Shot

Landscape photography is a kind of art though it does not require the skill of recreating the world using the power of your imagination. However, another skill is needed – you should be able to capture the moment of the ultimate beauty of the nature. To become a good landscape photographer you should use several professional tips which will help you to make your best shot.

  • Use the weather for your purposes. Some beginners think that landscape which is lit by bright day light is a perfect image to capture. However, unstable weather conditions can provide you with more opportunities of taking a shot with real mood and emotional concept. Make mist, dark clouds and the sun beams shining through them, storms and rainbows, sunset and wind your allies in the process of creating a perfect image. Work with variations of natural events, as still weather bears no character of its own.

  • Change your point of view. The first intention when we see a picturesque landscape is to grab the camera and make several shots at once feeling glad that we have found such a wonderful place. But do not hurry, try to find a more unusual point of view, focus on the detail which will change the meaning of the whole composition. May be you will have to get down to the ground or climb the top of the tree or the nearest fence. Be sure, this risk will lead to making really extraordinary photos.
  • Capture movement. As I have already mentioned, still landscape present less interesting image than dynamic scenes. You should feel the right moment to take a shot, listen to the heart beat of the nature. Wind playing with the leaves, waves or moving clouds will make your photo special.
  • Of course, some technical moments should also be observer if you want to create a masterpiece. Increase the depth of your field to a maximum extent by choosing the smallest aperture setting. Note that the smaller your aperture is the smaller will be amount of light touching your image sensor. You can solve this problem by increasing the shutter speed. As your shutter speed will become longer you will need your cameras to be still for a longer period of time. To complete this task use tripod as your arms may betray you in the most inappropriate moment.
  • Finally, do not forget your imagination to make a powerful composition. The landscape presents a still object and you can change nothing in it, but you may choose a foreground or focus your attention on particular details. Besides, pay attention to the sky as it is an essential part of the landscape. If the sky is boring do not focus on it, but if it shows some dramatic development than you should make the horizon line lower. Play with light, use the hours when its effect is the most powerful. On sunsets and sunrises the colors of the nature changes every instant and it is the matter of your attention and talent to capture the moment when the whole image comes alive.


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