Music: Healing or Destructing?

Why while listening to one kind of music you start feeling a head-splitting headache and to another one you feel relaxed and comfortable? It is widely known that musical therapy is the fastest and the most economical way to get rid of a number of various illnesses. A pleasant melody has a good impact on the systems of breath, nerves and even the digestive system of the organism. The favorite tune causes the increase of the number of white blood cells in the vessels and that way protects the body from the infections. While listening to it the process of the metabolism is boosted and the nerves transmit the impulses from the brain more rapidly which makes us forget about the bad mood, reach a better concentration and reduce anxiety. This therapy helps to reveal and develop the creativeness and even provides healing effect.

One of the most famous cases is the case of Gerard Depardieu who suffered from the stuttering during his childhood. Nobody manager to help him until his family doctor gave him an advice to listen to Mozart masterpieces no less than two hours a day. In a few months the speech of young Gerard became smooth and fluent.

The recent studies of Japanese therapist showed that the process of lactation is greatly influenced by the music. They carried out an experiment in which the two groups or young mothers lactating their babies in a natural way were divided into three groups. The first group was to listen to a modern pop-music for an hour a day. The second group enjoyed the classical tunes during the same period of time. The control group didn’t change their habits. Te experiment lasted two weeks and the results were astonishing. The classical music listeners produced a 20 percent more amount of milk while the pop-music listeners lost their milk almost completely.

The phenomena of the music impact on a human body is explained by the scientists in a following way. The organism is a vibrating system. And the music is also a vibration organized and synchronized in a certain way. It can bring order in our system and make it functions to be fulfilled properly. On the other side some types of music can dissociate the work of different organs and cause an illness which is also a dissonance to some extend.

There’s a widely-spread fallacy that rock music is bad and classical is good for your health. But everything is far more complicated that it may seem. Different music causes different emotions. And not all the rock ballade send the message of a self-destruction. Some classical melodies also can have an influence on the body and mind which cannot be described as positive. There are many examples of that musical pieces that cause the negative state. They are “The flying Dutchman” by Wagner and the most part of the works by Richard Strauss. It’s up to you what to choose and what to avoid.

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