Zen Buddhism As A Religion

All theу Universe and all that we can sense such as Earth, sky, sun, moon, other planets, stars and the eternal space are called Dharmadhatu in the terminology of Buddhism. Dhatu word means a sphere or a realm and Dharma has two meanings as follows:

  1. Absolute Truth;
  2. The unique components of the Universe.

This way Dharmadhatu means the Ream of Absolute Truth or a sphere of all the elements. Zen features Dharmadhatu in several ways.

At first, this term implies the real world we are living in, the world of phenomena. That’s why the Universe itself is seen as the whole world full of material things and activities. Ordinary people can see it clearly and easily interact with it; Zen an help understand its true nature and research it concerning all the aspects.
The second point of view regarding Dharmadhatu is seeing it as The Absolute World, or Reality. The world being examined from this point of view is called the sphere of Absolute Truth. It is undivided world, the world of perfect unity and emptiness. Reaching and entering this world making it your permanent residence id the goal of every single Zen disciple.
Anyway we live in the world of routine, everlasting activities and separated things. That’s why you need to realize that all of these are simply the parts of the same Reality. Thus, if an adept of Zen perfectly understood the Realm Of Absolute Truth they are required to come back to the apparent material world they used to believe in before resorting to Zen after dwelling in the absolute world. That is the third method of observing the Universe: the partial, the relative, the phenomenal, The Truth appear as one of the dimensions we observe the Absolute Truth. They are merging with each other without any obstacles and become one. If you reach understanding of these things you will start to realize that everything surrounding us is the display of the Absolute World: trees, rocks, stars, animals, insects and us. All the existent things regardless of the ability to sense is initially sacred and destined to help you achieve salvation and come to know Zen.
There is also a deeper level of achieving Zen, it is understanding that everything in the Universe is regularly interacting and merging with each other. It is the world where things we realize as existing form the complete integral whole thanks to constant fusion of material things. It is required to understand that everything in the world is constant, harmonic and unceasing turning to each other all the time.
This is what we are as well: the infinite and limitless life. This is what you need to understand. Step by step practicing Zen you will realize that absolute truth about the world and achieving this knowledge is the main goal of Zen.
When our consciousness becomes deeper and more open we don’t have to think of the religious and philosophic consequences of our deeds. We naturally response to any situation we face in accordance with our view of the world. Zen is the life spent realizing what we are and what is the world surrounding us, the life dedicated to eternal worshiping of the past, serving the present and being responsible to the future.

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