Famous Writers’ Weird Habits And Addictions

Writers, the spoiled children of good fortune! They get away with anything: startling behavior, shocking confessions, weird habits and tainted addictions. Nevertheless, the loving audience forgives them their misbehavior. Talented person has a condemnation when it comes to addictions. So, let’s check the weirdest ones among the famous writers of the past.

  1. Honore De Balzac And Coffee


Coffee addiction doesn’t surprise anyone nowadays. Many people drink tons of coffee daily and start having cravings if didn’t get their doze in the morning. But our regular 2-3 cups of espresso have nothing to do with Balzac’s addiction. Just imagine: he could drink up to 50 (!) cups a day! No milk, no sugar. Besides, he used to eat coffee grains – he claimed that it helps him to stay awake for longer time and feel brisk and fresh. Needless to say, such coffee addiction had an impact on the writer’s health. Thus, he used to suffer from intestinal colic, high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. People say that his early and timeless death is the result of caffeine intoxication.

Charles Dickens And Corpses

This famous writer was obsessed with grave-clothes and tags on dead people’s toes. He used to come to the local morgue bright and early and watch the medical staff working with dead bodies. It was the best leisure time for him. Moreover, he was fond of reading criminal news in the newspapers and analyze the latest murders trying to figure out the real motives of the crime.

James Joyce And Sex Addiction

Nowadays, the diagnosis “sexaholic” is quite popular and a lot of celebs are forced to consider sex-rehab. But it was impossible back in 1920-30s, so this fact can’t be proved by the medical documents. Nonetheless, there are lots of evidences of this disease. For example, Joyce used to write dozens of letters to Nora Barnacle, his future wife. These letters contained innumerous descriptions of what they will do when see each other next time. These letters were as shameless and full of nasty details that could shock even the modern reader. Besides, he had masturbation problems. People say that he was never ashamed of doing it and his confessions shocked people around him. Thus, one day a big fan of his creative art asked Joyce if he could kiss a hand that wrote Ulysses. The writer rejected the request because, according to his reply, this hand used to do a lot of other less pleasant things.

Nicholas Vachel Lindsay And Cleanness

He was a famous American poet born and raised in the family where neatness and cleanness were above all. His father was a doctor and he used to say that perfect cleanness is the only way to avoid the appearing of deadly bacteria. The bad news is that this idea drove him crazy by the end of his life. He was sure that his wife tried to kill him by sleeping with other men and getting infected with venereal diseases. Moreover, he thought that bacteria were to blame for his creative failures. Lindsay committed suicide by drinking a bottle of Lysol – a poisonous solution used for disinfection.

Goethe And Air

This famous German writer always worked in hermetically sealed room. No fresh air penetrated there; otherwise, the Master couldn’t work.

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