Shopping and Music

Miniature shopping trolley
Music is able to change our mood and feelings. Music is able to make you feel sad or on the opposite bring you the flush of energy. That is why it is not a secret anymore that all the music we hear in the shops or cafes isn’t chosen by occasion. The experiences marketing specialists choose the right soundtrack for their clients in order to increase the sales and create the required atmosphere.
You may be surprised but people have started using music for changing the customer’s behavior and mood since the previous century. In the beginning of the 20th century the talented American engineer D. Sclaur offered to use relaxing music in order to make the people feel safe in elevator.
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Bleda and Rosa.

Maria Bleda (1969) and Jose Maria Rosa (1970) are two Spanish photographers who have been working in collaboration since 1989. They became famous for their series Campos de Futbol (1992-1995). It includes pictures of football pitches that are rethought by photographers. They try to think of those pitches as of “spaces of daily routine, spaces for play and possibly low-level competition, spaces open to appropriation, empty spaces, abandoned and in disuse, peripheral and occasionally indeterminate spaces whose purpose is shaped by the very use that is made of them”. So the series consists of 21 pictures of abandoned football pitches. Previously those spaces were accepted in a absolutely different way but nowadays they are forgotten and neglected. Bleda and Rosa are not going to document these places or to make a research of the pitches. It seems like they want to provoke our feelings and memories. They want us to rethink of these pitches and their former purposes. “The intention with this project was to reflect upon the passage of time in relation to the geographical space and to bring about discussion on a type of place rather than a particular place in question”, say the photographers.

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Hatsune Miku: The First Sound of The Future

It is a wide-known fact that the popular singers and performers are usually the extraordinary people. But in Japan the most famous performer is not a human being at all. Hatsune Miku is the ascending starlet which starts gaining fame and acknowledgment in other countries as well. Hatsune Miku is the first performing Vocaloid. Her appearance is displayed by a holographic image. The name of this artificial singer means “the first sound of the future”. Hatsune travels around the world giving numerous performances which attract many spectators.

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My Favorite Storyteller

Some authors seem not to write books but sit beside you in the evening under an obscure light of the lamp and read their stories to you. I have exactly this very kind of impression when I open any book of Neil Gaiman, the best teller of amazing fairy-tales full of black humor and dark adventures.

My first acquaintance with Gaiman took place when I went to the theater to watch “Caroline” – a performance telling about a girl who traveled to a parallel reality where all people had buttons instead of eyes. I was captivated by the strangely dark plot and the atmosphere of absurd which ruled the performance. Later I discovered with amusement that the performance was base on the book of Neil Gaiman, an English writer of comic books, novels and short stories and a famous screen-writer as well.

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Brooke Shaden Photography.

Brooke Shaden is an American photographer who currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Shaden creates surreal images full of mystery and mystique using painterly techniques. Sometimes it seems like she depicts fairy tale beings who grew up but they still live in a fairy tale. Disappointed and frustrated, overwhelmed and fascinated. They live according to their own rules which we can hardly understand.

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Multi-Language Life

Knowing different languages gives you freedom to travel and feel at home in any part of the world. However, some people consider it difficult to learn one extra language and claim that they have no talent of polyglot. If you belong to this group, may be, the example of Cato Lomb and her rules of becoming a polyglot will inspire you to change your mind.

Kato Lomb, born in 1909, was A Hungarian translator, interpreter and nearly the first simultaneous interpreter in the world. She has received the education in chemistry but managed to learn sixteen languages as well. Being a polyglot is a particular lifestyle which requires from you considerable effort, strong motivation and following the rules established in Kato Lomb’s bestseller “This Is How I Learn Languages”.

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His Dark Materials

For our children we will always look for the best. The best kindergartens, schools, friends and of course books.

The number of authors writing for kids is numerous, but I really have heard a lot about Philip Pullman (the British writer) and His Dark Materials trilogy. He has been called the bestselling author for several times and I decided to get acquainted with his writing.

All I can say is that His Dark Materials series is really the best for children. Some people say that the books are too scary for children and contain a lot of details that should not be known by kids, but that is not true. Northern Lights, Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass have everything a child needs in books. There is a lot of magic, adventures and a happy end. All in all the books were interesting to read even for me. Besides, in 2007 the trilogy was called the best book for children for the last 70 years.

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